EW is bringing one 50 scoops in 50 days

To celebrate Fall TV and our huge Fall TV Preview issue that is out in September, EW is bringing one 50 scoops in 50 days, a daily dish on a few of your favourite shows. Adhere to the hashtag #50Scoops50Days on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the newest, and check EW.com/50-Scoops for all the news and surprises.

In under a month, That is Us finally will go back to your living rooms/bedrooms/phones with the unveiling of the season 3 premiere. That episode -- which is the NBC family dramedy's first in six months -- will probably start to put viewers on the road to enlightenment in regard to those questions that were introduced in the season 2 finale's trio of flash-forwards. The welcome-back setup will also whisk you back to the'70s to watch the very first date of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore). It seemed like both were destined for something big after a magical connection from the bar where almost-bandit Jack seen Rebecca singing"Moonshadow," and now you will learn exactly what happened later that night in their first official date.

As you can see in this first-look picture from the episode, Jack and Rebecca will head into some carnival-type setting, and Rebecca will appreciate least two-fifths of a candy apple. But is their first date as sweet as you might imagine? "People expect it to be a straight line to locating one another and living happily ever after -- which may not be the case," Moore hints to EW.

Whatever the case, witnessing their initial date later having noticed Jack's tragic passing last season may give you a new bothering perspective. "It is extremely good television to watch these two have their source story," series creator Dan Fogelman tells EW. "It is always interesting after you lose a person -- that we sort of feel like we did with Jack last year -- to almost go in and place in these old video tapes and watch them much earlier stage of life. And I think that's exactly what this feels like"

If it comes to Jack, what themes emerge in the new year? "Discovery of yesteryear," Ventimiglia tells EW.